Building Health
From Inside Out

What I commonly hear from new clients is “ I am just so overwhelmed with all the “diet” information out there”, “I have tried so many different things I just don’t know what my body needs anymore” and/or “I am scared of carbs”…to name a few. Does that dialogue sound familiar to you? Do you find yourself stuck in “analysis paralysis” with no clear direction on how to start?

At Essential Nutrition we are committed to helping you align with what works best for you. Put your trust in us and we will create a plan for you that takes the overwhelm and confusion out of nutrition and puts you back in the drivers seat of your own health and vitality.

What Is The Right Approach For You?

Self-Guided Nutrition Plan

Are you great at self-motivating yourself; “no accountability needed here, I got this”? Then this plan is for you. 

Monthly Coaching Program

Are you someone who would like to learn over the course of 3 months (minimum) what works for your body with your current lifestyle, exercise routine and dietary likes/dislikes? Would you benefit from a coach who will motivate, educate, inspire you and hold you accountable? Then this plan is for you. 

Personal Training

  • Online Coaching

For information on ONE-ON-ONE in person training contact Jenn


The foundation of performance nutrition is that you are basically eating for “performance” (whether you are a competitive athlete, bootcamper or garage-gym enthusiast- you can benefit from eating to perform).


Epigenetics coaching

Your DNA is not your destiny! Signals from our environment control if and how our genes are expressed. We are NOT victims of our genes and can change our response to life and environment through epigenetic modifications. And this is very good news!


We believe in you! 

With all the conflicting information out there on diet/exercise/health it can be overwhelming to figure out what approach is right for YOU. We are all biochemically different, starting with our DNA, and there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to our bodies. 

Nutrition is the basic component of health and can be effective in correcting many common health problems. At Essential Nutrition we use an honest and authentic approach to educate each client about their individual needs so they can achieve optimal health. We help our clients achieve this by using-evidence-based science to guide them on how to utilize food, exercise and positive lifestyle changes to become the best version of themselves. 

Our motto is always “Building health from the inside out”

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