Performance based coaching

The foundation of performance nutrition is that you are basically eating for “performance” (whether you are a competitive athlete, bootcamper or garage-gym enthusiast- you can benefit from eating to perform).

If you are fueling your body properly, you will maximize muscle growth, encourage strength and endurance, and lead to fat loss.. Not necessarily weight loss (though if you have excess weight to lose, there are definite ways to tweak the program for you!) but FAT LOSS! Fueling is used for training, which is used to build muscle; the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest! There are no strict “rules”, no dietary restrictions, and no required workouts.

Eat your starchy carbohydrates around your workouts and consume the right amount of your daily carbs at night which will replenish glycogen depleted during workouts, help your central nervous system recover, improve your sleep…

My performance nutrition coaching includes:

  • Detailed intake session (1 hour) and emailed plan which includes:
  • Calories and Macro targets (Protein, Carbs, Fat)
  • Protein and carb timing

How much to eat around your workouts
When to eat around your workouts

    • Body Composition

See how much body fat and lean body mass you are starting with.

  • Tracking Macros tutorial

Investment: $250.00

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