Epigenetics coaching

Epigenetics Coaching

Your DNA is not your destiny! Signals from our environment control if and how our genes are expressed. We are NOT victims of our genes and can change our response to life and environment through epigenetic modifications. And this is very good news!

Epigenetics are involved in every aspect of life and are reversible, heritable changes that affect the way we live as well as our future generations.

How epigenetics works

You are a product of your DNA and your epigenetics. You are born with a unique DNA or set of genes that you received from your parents.
Scientist realized that, yes, we are born with set DNA genes which are fixed at birth, but from day one – and for the rest of our lives– other factors come into play that influence those DNA genes as to how or even if they express themselves. These ‘switches’ are called epigenetic tags.
So what decides if epigenetic tags turn on particular genes or not? The environment is the driving force. The definition of environment in this case means “what you eat, drink, breathe, touch, think, believe or perceive to be true” . And this environment is actually what determines how your epigenetic tags operate and therefore your health or lack of health.

Epigenetic Lifestyle Coaching

My training in Functional nutrition, Kundalini, Flow Breath and epigenetic coaching – as well as my own life experiences – has taught me that we have the power to alter our gene expression through lifestyle, nutritional and environmental choices.
These are exciting times – we understand more than ever how these choices that we make on a daily basis can create changes in the expression of our DNA, literally changing the way we experience the world. Using the APEIRON genetic panel, it is now possible to illuminate the optimal nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you be the best you!

Don’t fall into the trap of believing your genes control your future, and your health. Get into the driver’s seat by making the most efficient and effective mental, emotional, diet and lifestyle choices for your unique DNA.

About The Process

I’m trained and certified as an Apeiron Epigenetic Coach, meaning I know how to translate your genetic code into
useful and actionable steps to improve your health and harness your natural potential.
No matter where you’re at, I can help you get to where you want to be by helping you discover what’s right for your body. That way you can do more of the things that make you healthier and less of the things that make you weaker.

I offer genetic analysis sessions so you can understand how your genetics impact your:

  • Nutrition + Supplementation Needs (macronutrients, micronutrients, sensitivities)
  • Detoxification pathways (highly specific liver CYP enzymes, antioxidant function, methylation)
  • Sleep (circadian rhythm, melatonin, sleep disruption, caffeine metabolism)
  • Exercise (metabolic capacity, weight loss, muscle type, recovery)
  • Hormones and stress

I also offer on-going whole-systems wellness coaching/biohacking options to help you really dial your health in and get the most out of the information in the full 80+ page customized Apeiron Genetic Report.

Packages start at $500.00 CAD plus GST (plus the cost of the Genetic Kit)

Message Jenn to get started today and UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR GENETIC CODE.

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