Monthly Coaching Program

MONTHLY COACHING PROGRAM (*3 month commitment required)

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Are you someone who would like to learn over the course of 3 months (minimum) what works for your body with your current lifestyle, exercise routine and dietary likes/dislikes? Would you benefit from a coach who will motivate, educate, inspire you and hold you accountable? Then this plan is for you.

What is includes:

During your initial 60 minute inquiry appointment we will (via ZOOM or in person):

  • Go through assessment forms
  • Body measurements
  • Measurements indicating body fat percentage (if applicable)
  • Weight
  • Establish goals
  • Book your second 60 min appointment

During your second 60 minute follow up appointment you will (via ZOOM or in person):

  • Go through your nutrition recommendations from us
  • Go through handouts on protein, carbohydrates (including carbohydrate timing) and fats


  • email support 24/7 and free access to Essential’s Voxer account (for text and voice memos)
  • weekly email check ins (weight, inches, food log etc)
  • bi-weekly 30 min in person (or online) follow up appointments each month. At each appointment we will take measurements, go through food logs and make adjustments as needed

What is required from you:

  • Logging your food (we will establish the best platform for you to do so)
  • Weekly email check ins and monthly coaching appointments
  • Consciously letting go of old patterns of self-sabatoge, including indecision, making excuses, complaining and blaming
  • Releasing anything that is not aligned with your goals-including limiting beliefs, old patterns of indecision… (hint: your coach will help you with this)

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